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Aging Care Specialties

Personalized assistance for all your family's needs

Professional Care Planning & Consulting

Locally owned with more than 20 years experience & service in Central KY, we have the knowledge & expertise to help guide you & your family along your aging care journey.

You don't have to do this alone. 
Get the answers your family needs...



Find the best option for you

There are multiple care settings & options available, each with its own pros and cons as well as admissions & financial requirements.  Discover whether care at home, assisted living, memory care, nursing facility, adult day, part time or temporary respite to provide your caregiver a break, or some combination of these is right for you & your family.  We can help you engage the services of the best agencies & facilities in Central KY so you can feel safe & confident in the care options you choose.

Access help &

protect your assets

You've worked hard and whether you find yourself needing a little extra help to access care, or you're concerned with protecting assets for yourself & future generations, we have the knowledge & guidance you need.  Several programs exist, that you likely have never heard of, that provide assistance for individuals of varying income levels.  Let's also discuss Medicare & Medicaid rules that you may not be aware of that can greatly impact your ability to pass along assets, and get solutions for resolving these issues & protecting your assets, while helping you access funding for care.


Make sure your wishes are respected & followed

Alleviate stress and anxiety for you and your loved ones by making your wishes known now.  Executing advanced directives - Living Will, Power of Attorney (POA), or DNR if appropriate - can be confusing if you're not familiar with terminology, and you want full understanding before signing these kinds of documents.  We have years of experience helping clients understand & clearly declare their wishes.  Notary services are included in your consult so these documents can be completed & legal on the spot.  


Quality of life & safety

A dementia diagnosis can feel devastating, but it doesn't have to be.  Whether you have been diagnosed or are a caregiver of someone with dementia, knowledge is power.  Learn about multiple programs, medications, technologies, and care options to assist your family in coping & thriving through the inevitable changes.  Care planning includes suggestions for addressing safety issues, behavioral concerns, managing expectations, and multiple intervention options for your day to day challenges.  If your loved one has not executed advanced directives, we can advise & educate you on the option for obtaining guardianship so you can ensure their care & safety.


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Ha​ve questions or concerns you don't see listed above? Your family is unique & we are happy to help you with your unique needs. Let's talk about those pesky issues that have been bothering you for a while but you didn't know where to turn for help.

A personal message

Hello Friend,


I am so pleased to have a moment of your time to introduce myself & my agency.  When I was quite young, I became caregiver for my great-grandparents, then my grandparents, and I was honored to see them all through their end of life care.  This experience shaped my educational aspirations and professional path - it became clear through my experiences as a family caregiver that knowledgeable & compassionate professionals to assist the aging & their families are so very needed & valuable.  As a person of faith, I knew that was the path God had planned for me.  I am a graduate of Morehead State & Asbury Universities, holding bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Social Work and advanced state licensure.  I married my childhood sweetheart and we and our twins make our home on a little farm in southern Montgomery County, where we were born and raised.

I have served as an aging care professional for over two decades throughout Central KY in various positions in private care, facilities, and home health & I became concerned about one disheartening gap in care and services - there is no one source that families can call on to sit down with them and answer all their questions and calm their fears as it relates to the needs of getting older or caring for aging loved ones.   They are left to depend on internet searches and pieced together information of varying levels of clarity.  Even professionals whose positions exist to assist in these measures are so limited by insurance and agency hindrances that it is nearly impossible to get face time with them.  I founded Aging Care Specialties to fill this gap.  You will get a professional consultant with the time and expertise to perform a comprehensive assessment and get to know you & your family and your unique needs & wishes.  Your consultant will then call on their vast experience & knowledge to address all your concerns and help you put together a solid plan that will help you & your family move forward with confidence and peace of mind. 

I look forward to the honor of serving you & your family,

Shaunna Patton,

Care Planner, Principal Consultant & Owner

"Absolutely amazing. I sent a message late last night & she responded to me today via telephone. She answered questions that I didn't even know I needed answered. When talking with her today it was like talking to a great friend. She listened to all my concerns & gave me great advice. Definitely my go-to for any concerns or questions."

- Jamie W.

"As I nurse, I have reached out many times for recommendations & referrals for patients, friends & family members. She is always quick with answers, suggestions & solutions. She is skilled in assessment & anticipation of the patient's, caregiver's, and family's needs. To follow that up, she has knowledge of a vast array of resources from which to draw to address & ameliorate the myriad of issues we all encounter when aging or providing care for those who are aging. She knows what is attainable and how to attain it & is a problem solver who can go outside the box to help patients & families reach their goals. However, her biggest asset is her compassion & empathy & genuine love for this population. This field is her calling & it's obvious in every encounter. I highly recommend & I think this service presents an amazing opportunity for anyone trying to navigate the complexities of elder care."

- Laurie M.

"...For 10+ thing I've learned during that time is her clients are her #1 priority. She does whatever it takes to get them the care that they need. I have called several times over the years to find out how I could get help for my grandparents, or what we should do with different situations that arose... she always had an answer. Her rates are EXTREMELY reasonable for the amount of information and help that she offers... there are so many programs out there and somehow I think she knows about all of them."

- Josh M.

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