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You don't have to do this alone

We provide you with a professional consultant with the time & expertise to perform a comprehensive assessment and get to know you & your family and your unique needs & wishes.  Your consultant will then call on their vast experience & knowledge to address all your concerns & help you put together a solid plan that will help you & your family move forward with confidence and peace of mind.  

Your aging care journey should take shape around your family's unique values & wishes.  Our founder & principal consultant has spent over twenty years working in the aging care community in Central KY and has discovered a missing element, and intends to remedy that with the creation of Aging Care Specialties.  Until now, there has been no one source that the aging & their families can call on to sit down with them and help untangle the complicated web of aging care resources & address the million needs and questions that invariably come up regarding care options, available resources, finances & asset protection, advanced directives, maintaining quality of life with dementia or illness, caregiver support & respite, and the list goes on... 

If you're lucky, you'll find a healthcare provider or social worker whose agency has allotted them the time to speak with you, but they are still limited by the boundaries of their role in the organization they work for and in fact by your own insurance company, and often can only offer you a cookie-cutter service that their limits have forced upon them.  There are also multiple folks out there with the title "elder care consultants" and are proud to tell you that their services are at no cost to you - that's because, while they are professionals in their particular fields, they are being compensated by the company whose product they will be referring you to.

When you engage our services, WE WORK FOR YOU & YOUR FAMILYPeriod.  Our private fee system means we are unfettered by Medicare or your insurance company and we do not work for commission from any agency or facility.  We have your best interest at heart & will give you unbiased assistance as we help you in meeting your unique needs.  And to be perfectly honest, we've not met anyone in the aging care field in Central KY with more all-around knowledge & expertise than our founder and principal consultant, and we will be honored to pass along the benefit of her twenty years of experience to your family.  If you or a loved one has started down the path into the beautiful and challenging latter years of life and has any questions or concerns at all, we encourage you to schedule a consult.  You'll feel more peaceful & confident heading down this road with a solid plan and knowledge & advice you know you can count on.

We're unique...because you are!

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